Spring Time and What it Means for Your Pets


Coronado Veterinary Clinic is a vet hospital that has been serving Cochise County for over thirty years. A business that once started in a small trailer providing a limited number of services has since expanded into a larger facility that provides high quality surgeries, x-rays, and dental practices. It’s no longer a basic canine and feline clinic. Many of the newer doctors have extensive knowledge on how to treat exotic animals like bearded dragons, snakes, birds, and many more.

Springtime is a vulnerable time for your furry friends and a lot of potential threats can be avoided through medication or basic knowledge that the staff can provide to pet owners. Hospital manager Jennifer Schroeder said that in the spring, the doctors on staff are insistent on keeping pets up to date on vaccines like the parvo vaccine. A service that has been offered recently and is gaining popularity among customers is dentals. Dentals are gaining momentum because the staff does more than just provide services to their customers; they provide an education. Not only do they provide tips for owners on pet care and preventative health, they are sure to educate the owner on all procedures that their pet may need. Owner’s anxiety is put at ease by knowing how the procedure is performed and how their pet will be treated.

Rattlesnakes in Southern Arizona are a large threat to your pet’s safety. Coronado Vet offers new rattlesnake anti-venom that clinics up in Tucson have recently started to provide. It is more effective and less expensive than previous anti-venom shots. A primary concern is the affordability of these shots, and with the new anti-venom to be offered this spring, the clinic hopes to make it more widely available to all of their customers. While anti-venoms are administered after a snake has bitten the pet, pre-vaccinations are available. Though the rattlesnake vaccine do not prevent the harsh effects of a snake bite, they do speed up the healing process if a bite were to occur and the pets do not get as sick from the poison.

One of the most unique assets Coronado Veterinary Clinic provides is their diverse staff. There are four full time doctors on staff with three part time doctors working as well. This allows for fast paced, high quality service during normal operating hours, but Schroeder went on to say, “We don’t say no. If your pet needs to be seen, especially in an emergency situation, we will make it happen.” Their compassion for pets and families has provided the clinic with loyal clients for decades and will continue to impress pet owners around Cochise County to stop by and experience what Coronado Vet Clinic has to offer.

By: Cera Norris

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