Media | A New Way to Promote Your Company (Sierra Vista Herald)

Need help staying connected with local news, looking up movie listings, or upcoming events? is for you. Jackie Chastain, founder of is delivering nextgen mobile access to Sierra Vista. Soon business will be able to connect directly with shoppers directly in their area by using GPA capabilities imbedded in the shopper’s mobile device. When a shopper is near a registered business or service, the technology displays promotional offers based on the current location of his/her device. Customers will also be able to redeem coupons right on their phone. This allows businesses to leverage pinpoint marketing to promote special offers, discounts, reinforce top of mind awareness, and engage new customers with incentives.




A New Mobile Resource (City of Sierra Vista, Economic Development)

Jackie Chastain wants to make sure you do not get bored. She also wants to keep you up-to-date on the latest local news, and hopes to provide you with shopping inspiration at the same time.

The mother-of-two is the brainchild behind a website and mobile app designed to keep local residents informed on the latest events, movies, happenings, and even pet adoption opportunities.


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